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Goa, India for Snorkeling, Boat Ride, Dolphin Sightseeing at Monkey Beach, Goa

Grand Island, Goa

The Grande Island is one of the most exotic places in Goa, popularly known as the Grand Island or Bat Island. The most common mode of transport used to reach the island is through boat ride of one hour approximately. The location is most appropriate for adventurous activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Some fun activities like fishing, dolphin sighting and swimming can be done too. There are various full-fledged packages offered by tour operators that provide these fun-filled activities with the complimentary lip-smacking buffet of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Detail of Snorkeling cost in Goa 

To add to delicacies, live barbecue at the shore is being prepared for guests, and the aroma of fish and chicken barbeque is mouthwatering. Once your boat departs from the port, you will be served drinks and light snacks on the board. For an ideal picnic trip with your family and partners, Bat Island is place you must visit when you are in Goa. Get a chance to explore the hidden wonders of nature at a pocket-friendly price.

Island Boat Trip Details

To find the truth behind the quote, someone needs to go ahead and definitely enjoy the nature of individual Goa Pearls. Before travelling to an Island, you have to know about it. If you search for Grande Island Goa on Google, you will find a lot of information about it, but experiencing all of it in real is what counts.

The Grand Island or Monkey beach starts in the morning. This is a full day package. The journey begins with the beach near cocktail. You will be taken on a boat floor and most commonly offered price for this package Cost ₹1599 Per Person.

Boat trip to the grand island, Goa

Amidst your journey to the Grande Island, do not miss to see several priced possessions that Goa has got. You will come across places like Fort Aguada,  Commissioner’s bungalow, Central Prison and some dolphins dancing in and out of the water. The boat can accommodate a max 20 persons with toilet and changing rooms. There is also a facility to have a private Grand Island tour for yourself wherein you can book the whole boat for you, and your accompanies. A lot of people prefer this kind of a Boat tour because of its offers and reasonable pricing.

Trip Itinerary.

  • 8:30 AM – Departure from Sinquerium Boat Jetty. Staffs begin to check if passengers are all seated with their life jackets on them. Snacks will be given to passengers once the journey commences.
  • Historical sight-seeing.
  • Pass through the dolphin’s spot where passengers will witness dolphins twirl and twist, playing the splash of sea water.
  • For the second destination, you’ll be experiencing some fun and exciting water activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and swimming. Snorkeling kit and fishing tools will be given to each passenger.
  • After the water activity, you will be taken to the beachside where Goan buffet will be served for lunch compromising of Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian dish and fruits. Once done, the boat will be heading back to Sinquerium at 4:30 PM. 

Once your journey begins, you will be welcomed by beautiful dolphins and the view will definitely leave you spellbound. The mysterious Arabian sea has a lot to show if you wish to see. This trip is ideal for all be it for family, friends, acquaintances.

How to Book Island Trip?

The booking price starts at Rs. 1499 per person. If you are in a group of 7 or more. You can always have a quick survey of promising tour operators around and approach the one that provides everything at a reasonable price.  This half day trip is a breath-taking experience, and nobody can be missed. This journey is active from October to March. This package is just one click away. There are different packages, but the Grand Island Tour is a favourite of many people. For more help, the agency will help you and answer your questions. Book book tour.

Following are Good website for Grand island booking. / Cost Details

Grand Island Goa: is top booking site for grand island and snorkeling trip in goa Rated best on tripadvisor with rating 4.9/5

Goa Tour Packages Travel Company: offer grand island, bat island tour. Tour details are all similar to other company. Goa Tours rating is Rating – 4.7/5 on tripadvisor. 

Scuba Diving Company Goa: This company offer both Scuba Diving and Grand island boat trip to customer. Lowest Scuba Diving Package available. Start from Rs. 2350 per Person are consider most cheapest diving package in India. Rated 4.7/5 

  • Booking Link:  Island Boat Trip – Goa
  • Pricing for Island Trip (Rs. 1590 pp) with Rating – 
  • Price for Scuba Diving at Grand Island – Rs. 2350/- 

Goa Boat Cruise: Offer various boat tours in Goa. This company gain experty in Boat and cruising activities in Goa. With Rating – 4.6/5 this travel company Offering Houseboat Trip, Adventure Boat Trip, Boat trip with watersports, Yacht Packages etc. 

Goa Tours: Island Tours by Goa Tours  (Rs. 1580) with Rating –  4.4/5

Tour Review 

The journey starts at 8 o’clock in the morning at 8 o’clock in the morning and continues till 3 o’clock – 3:30 o’clock. Although the time of different possibilities depends on the situation, the trip itself is worth it. This island package can also be private for two or choice of groups. This is recommended for the couple because couples want their privacy or for a large number of group for their private reunion.

Trip Includes:

This Boat trip Include following things:

  • Dolphin sighting,
  • Delicious Lunch at Beach,
  • Beer and Rum
  • Snakes
  • Mineral Water
  • Snorkeling,

All of these can be found in one Boat tour. Make your books faster as this trip is the most popular in Thailand and you can be left with no seat to avail. Can book Grand Island Boat package online by using Debit / Credit Card or Bheem App (UPI App) Instantly. I highly suggest this kind of Boat Trip for a pocket-friendly tour that lets you experience an amazing trip with Thailand’s nature and natural attractions. For me, it is more fun to ride this boat with different people who are stranger to you to socialise and make new friends on board. Though, it is also preferable to experience this with your family and loved ones in private for exclusive activities and less chaos.

For complete list of boat and cruise tours in goa check

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