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Goa india for training

so you’ve come to do your yoga teacher training in Goa with us at Kranti Yoga. Or maybe you’ve come for a yoga holiday in the sun and want to know some other things to do in Goa while you’re here. We’ve got some great suggestions for you! Today on our list of things to do in Goa, we’re looking at a day trip to the local spice farm.

From Kranti Yoga you’ll drive for about an hour in land, taking in the Indian landscape as you go. The spice farm is located in a beautiful jungle setting and has been run by Raj and his family for over four generations. In your small group, you’ll be taken for a tour of the farm, they grow everything from vanilla, to coffee, to nutmeg, to turmeric, to chillies – for the fearless among you, you can even sample a chilli! But be warned, the smaller they are the hotter the my are! As you walk, you’re provided with all the information you could possibly ask for about how the plants grow, their uses, and the history of the farm and spices in India. The farm was established here hundreds of years ago the family are so connected with the land, the weather, and the climate that passes through each year. This trip is a must on our list of things to do in Goa.

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