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Goa is India’s smallest state but one of the largest tourist hub with thousands of tourists visiting it every year. Goa is famous for its glowing beaches, great sea activities, colourful markets, vibrant parties and world famous Goan cuisine. Goa number of attractions is packed with energetic experiences and spectacular views. Goa has a number of sandy beaches bustling with lively markets, luxury resorts, outstanding food, great parties and adventurous water sports activities. Whether you are looking for a isolated beach holiday, a hippy beach vacation or enjoy water sports Goa has beaches matching to your interests. I selected Arambol as I was interested in an isolated relaxing beach holiday. I must say Goan food is something to die for. As I had mine car rental Goa Airport I explored huge number of restaurants all around the Goa giving treat to my taste buds. Here are some of best places to in Goa shortlisted for you.



It is located on Candolim beach in Aguada Fort serving simple delicious Italian cuisine. Tuscany Gardens features a romantic and cosy atmosphere and their homemade pastas and thin crust pizzas are mouth watering. Seafood and fish dishes made with traditional Goan methods an ingredients are worth more trying. Prawns, calamari and tuna are laid major emphasis and are reasonably priced. Trying any of these dishes with a great collection of Indian wines is excellent combination.



Upper House is located on busy street opposite to Garcia de Orta Gardens in the heart of Goa’s capital. If you want to try traditional Goan cuisine Upper House is the place for you. Upper House consists of a high-end restaurant serving best of traditional Goan dishes made with Portuguese ifluences and a traditional British-Pub where an array of Indian and international drinks are served. Cafreal, asalt mango pickle, crab cooked in a thick coconut curry, palm vinegar and Kashmiri chillies are main highlights of the menu.


This legendary restaurant is serving guests with traditional Goan Cuisine since 1955. This charming hotel features a laid back theme and fabulous interiors,  dim lights, well furnished furniture and walls covered with old and new Graffiti and beautiful Goan artworks adds up to the charm of this stunning restaurant. Vegetable Vindaloo, Chouricos and masala prawns are must try delights of Hotel Venite. 

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