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Granada for Cheap Vacation in Paradise

If you enjoy avoiding the large resorts that look identical in every way, you will find like me, Granada is one of my favorite places to visit. It is absolutely enchanting with its outstanding volcanic views, nutmeg plantations, and large patches of unspoiled terrain undeveloped by any tourist or attractions. Sure you probably recognize the name Grenada as the island that America invaded in 1983 to rescue some med students but that is definitely not how Granada should be remembered.

You do not have to look very hard to find scuba diving with turtles for an average of $22 or eat a full meal of creole, carribean, and west indian fusion flavors for around $3. If you are allergic to nutmeg or smell of it then you might want to stay away from what is commonly referred to as the “Spice Isle”

Don’t forget to find a breakfast spot for a great big spoon full of nutmeg jam on some toast in the morning. It was delicious. I will be planning many more getaways to Grenada in the future.

Average budget hotel: $55 per night
Average daily food cost: $9
Cheapest beer: $0.56
Average Flights from Seattle: $450 (Round Trip)

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