Grand Prix Museum for observing The Legend of extreamness

If you are an extream fan, just like me. Then this place is the best place to have a tour. At the evening, I was at the dance club. Where a people give me a suggestion to visit this place once as I am a big fan of Grand Prix. Watching the most extream vehicles in the world from a very close distance will be a big opportunity. I don’t know that there was a Grand Prix Museum in Macau. So, as soon as I come into my rooms I started to surf the net for getting more info about the museum. Finally, I find out, so without thinking any other things I booked a room in the nearest hotels and shifted theirs on the next morning.

I shifted into Sands Macao Hotel. Another comfortable and relaxing hotel are available in Macau. Have a casino by the side of the hotels. So it gives me an opportunity to see the gambling. To be honest, I did n’t go to a casino never before. So, I fell little bit lucky for getting a room at that hotels.

In the afternoon, I went there. It was full of people. Most of them were local and science students. There were only a few visitors went there. This place is very exciting, full of amazing things. From my points of view, it looks like a digital lab. There were several parts of the museum where many fantastic Grand Prix cars and vehicles kept for presentation. Few grand pix makers present their upcoming and old model and picture their unique features. It was a long tour as I spend 3 hours there. But I was very happy to see the extream vehicles from very close.

Where I stayed / started

Sands Macao Hotel

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