Greece for Starting My Next Adventure

My next adventure started. This time, I select Greece as my destination. Greece is a natural heaven. From a very extended period I a dream to visit the Athens and hole Greece as I can. This time, the big opportunity has come to my door. I was also very tempted and wanted to go there as fast as I can.

After having a quick little shopping I pack my stuff and get myself ready for my next adventure. It was exciting. When my flight started my curiosity become even higher and I can’t think anything else but Greece. So I use my MacBook to search for the most beautiful place in Greece. To be honest at the beginning I just only plan to visit Athens.

In the meantime, I select a lot’s of places to visit in my days what will I scheduled in Greece. It will be a long holiday and guy’s I can guarantee you that, we will have lot’s of fun together in next couple of day’s.

Stay Tooned for my Greece adventure…..

Where I stayed / started

Royal Olympic Hotel

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