Greenland for Quiet Vacation

When I gave my girlfriend the opportunity to choose our next vacation and she came back with, GREENLAND! The first thought that came to mind was this woman is crazy 🙂 but absolutely understood why. Being from the city which feels that it is consistently more crowded and both of us being intertwined with that of desk type jobs that keep us “plugged-in” 90% of the time that she would choose a refreshing place that is about 80% ice covered, the worlds lowest population density, and has cell coverage so poor that many rely on satellite phones.

We got to see the midnight sun on the glaciers, witness breaching whales from a sail boat, ride across tundra on a dogsled, and watch the northern lights dance along the ice sheet.  One of the best things that we got to see was the icebergs the size of the Empire State Building!

Insider Tip

The iceberg that took down the Titanic most likely came from Ilulissat Icefjord in western Greenland, where it began as a snowflake 15,000 years earlier. Greenland’s first brewery invented ‘ice beer’ – beer brewed with water from melted icebergs. There are no roads between towns and settlements in Greenland. Locals and visitors must travel by plane, boat, snowmobile or sled.

Where I stayed / started

Hans Egede Hotel

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