Greve in Chianti, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy for Saturday Market & Sipping Wine

I was staying with friends in Rome. It was getting to be mid-spring, so the days were fairly sunny and incredibly temperate. I did some of the tourist-ish things one’s supposed to do in Rome – the Colosseum, etc. – but mostly enjoyed trying to live life like a local. I had bread with jam and coffee at a cafe down the street nearly every morning, cooked almost all of my other meals at my friends’ house, saw the city on foot during my early morning runs, made great friends with a couple of bartenders – it was a dream.

One Saturday, when both of my friends were tied up with work (poor souls), I decided to hop an early train to Greve in Chianti. As it happened, I arrived during their Saturday morning market. I was completely enthralled with the experience. I quickly planned a simple dinner in my head and filled a canvas tote with a few fresh herbs and veggies, and fresh pasta. I also grabbed a handmade soap that smelled like vanilla. After I had finished my shopping, I wandered around the town a little while until about 1:30, when I decided to pop into one of the wine cafes for a sip and a snack. I ended up at Enoteca di Greve. I knew that this region was famous for its wine and olive oil, but my gosh – the wine was EXQUISITE. Its flavor was probably enhanced by the fact that I was sitting on a covered patio, in the sun, in Toscana – but I also think it was just that good.

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