Grootfontein, Otjozondjupa, Namibia for Hoba: The World's Largest Meteorite

An amazing and learning experience, and always astounding to see what the universe has brought onto us. Looking at the impressive 60 tons of metal was indeed a startling experience, that must have a tremendous effect. Well our trip was short but very insightful and worth stopping by. The entry fees is 25N$, with a separate 10N$ charges for aside vehicle.
Hoba meteorite is the largest meteorite on earth, which mainly consist of iron and nickel, with a thickness between 75-122 cm, as the thickness varies from each direction. It was discovered in 1920 by Jacobus Brits. It has been proclaimed as national monument.
Other than experiencing the reason of thunderous bang which must have occurred some 80,000 years ago, whole area is a beautiful sight and a treat to watch.

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Read about this natural wonder before visit, you’ll experience more.

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