Gurgaon for How Does Yoga Enhance Tolerance Power?

This article explains how Yoga practice is an essential activity to enhance your patience.

 Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

 There is a pattern we follow, of witnessing the dark and the light side of the world. Many souls often find themselves in a place where they least expected. Right? Like hitting the top, then the rock bottom, looking for a job and then the promotion, a monopoly and then the democracy, ambitions rising from a sip of coffee to building a villa, while you become the maze runner in the labyrinth of  ‘circle of life’!

 Meaning of happiness is oblivious to people who have not seen the flip side of darkness. The value of beauty cannot be calculated, it can only be a desert, ingredients of which are appreciated by those who see!

 Yoga practice imbibes that hidden force which builds up the tolerance in you. In desperate situations like dealing with the negative emotions of anger, ego, frustration, etc. of thyself and also of others, one learns the ability to use the ‘card of tolerance’ to its best efficacy.

 Yogis are aware that patience and tolerance are practiced with our mind, not the physique. It is a practice which shields your ‘ray of hope’ from depleting. Meditation activities in Yoga can save you from the unnatural thoughts of life. Cultivating faith at times in life, when you lose control over yourself or afraid of walking in a directionless path. 

          Genius is eternal patience. ~ Michelangelo

 There are certain mental exercises which are not just beneficial for you but also for others. Being tolerant is one such practice which protects even the other individuals, from regretting the moments or the offensive choices made by them, accidentally. A true yogi balances the actions by enhancing its kindred spirit and defending the zen in society. You never know, you can be a new addition to the family of Avengers with a power of just tolerating the world, by wearing a pink-patience suit. No, am just joking, I know you want to be the Iron man. Let us know if that works out for you in this lifetime!

 Ayesha, a 23-year-old, who is doing an internship at a social media company [confidential], shares her experience with us. She says, ‘It’s been 1 year since I have been working in this company and don’t get me wrong, I do love my job but it was difficult for me to tolerate the nuances of my colleagues. I was treated differently because of my color, was not given the role/profile I deserved because of all the discrimination. I became frustrated, intolerant, and didn’t want to show up to work.’

                                               ‘My below-average performance was fading-away my chances of continuing in the same company. So, one of my colleagues who always took a stand for me and encouraged me to raise my voice of opinion efficiently suggested me to join Yoga classes in Gurgaon, as a lurking therapy. My decision of engaging in a yogic activity with the Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi summoned the lost confidence, and the patience I once had. Deep-breathing Pranayama exercises helped me the most to stay content, and happy with myself at my workplace and also everyday life.’

 When Yoga enhances the inner-strength, then worldly pressures cannot enter your bubble of a blissful state. Learning the art of controlling your mind, and the stimuli to respond calmly in rough situations adds grace to your conscious or unconscious behavior. Yoga is not something we excel at overnight, but a gradual unveiling of one’s true nature, as it is an amalgamation of breaking both mental, and physical boundaries.

 A yogi is in itself a result of the consistent practice and forbearance. The liberality of attaining a Buddhahood state, in easy and tough situations of life will release you from your temporary stressful state. The freedom of life is cherished when you lack the feeling of prejudice. Trusting the procedure, and flow of life is the ultimatum given by wisdom.

 So, don’t take life too seriously since the universe has a distinct way of rewarding things.

Keep hustling and be patient!

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