Hamburg, Germany for Beach House, St. Pauli and Beatles

So I originally traveled to Hamburg to see Beach House (as for some reason they weren’t playing Berlin?), which was a lovely experience on its own. I decided to use this opportunity to stay in town an extra night and use the evening and the following morning to explore it a bit more.

Once the show was over, I just aimlessly roamed around until I ended up on a giant fairground. And a German fairground looks exactly like you’d imagine it! I took the opportunity to munch on various kinds of wurst and some tiny deep-fried donut-like things (I wish I knew how they were called) and, of course, taste the local beer. After the fair fun was over, I went down the Reeperbahn street, which was insanely busy with people – in no small part thanks to the fact that it was Saturday night and that a St. Pauli game had just finished. I ended my night lost in the sea of shirts and scarves decorated with with skulls. In the morning, I took the time to look at the more classical parts of town like the Altstadt and Altona. Returning to the St. Pauli district once again, I was now able to see those spots where the Beatles played their first gigs (probably some other firsts happened in there, too) and had a lunch in one of the local restaurants before taking the bus back to Berlin.

Where I stayed / started

Hostel near the Central Bus Station

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