Have a Quick Tour Around Kuala-Lamour Airport for 8 Hours Sudden Layover

Nowadays we are facing Layover issue now and then. More often. Last time I encounter this kind of Layover in Malaysia. Actually, I was on a business trip for a very important meeting. But suddenly they announced that they will take a 5-hour Layover in Malaysia for some weather related issue.

First, when I heard their announcement I got very angry because I was a very important meeting. But then I quickly remember one of my University friends also lives in Malaysia who recently joined in An IT-Farm near the Airport. His office is not very far from the airport. So I quickly send him a text message that I am here for this unpredictable Layover.

He quickly hurried to the airport and I saw him after I leave the plan. It was a long waiting meeting we have there. So we get emotional and hug each other. Then we spend sometimes in the Airport Café. The cafe is nicely decorated and well organized. Most imaginary things about this place are!! It offers a lot’s of food item apart from light snacks. But the Humber and the spicy chicken is one of the best items what I tried there.

Having some food we swing at the airport pool and take a quick shower.

After getting refresh he takes me to the Petronas Tower a great attractive place of Malaysia and one of the noticeable visiting destination in Malaysia. The shape and size of the building are very nice to look from a very close distance. We climbed at the Top and enjoy the sky view of the town. It was a dreamy experience for me.
We clicked some pictures of the eagle view to add those pictures to our album.

I still got some time left. So he suggests me to have a look at the Space Needle. Also, a great place where I have a lot’s of fun. A great tourists attraction and consistent lot’s of the facility for the visitors.

When the time come, we come back to the airport and hug each other for the last time. Then we say goodbye. At the start, I feel a little bit angry about the Layover but when the plane taking off I looked at the window for seeing the beautiful Malaysia once more time.

Where I stayed / started

Kuala-Lampur International Airport


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