Helsinki, Finland for Contemporary Art Open Air Museum at Seurasaari Islands

Seurasaari island is a beautiful calm island a few kilometres away from the heart of capital city, Helsinki of Finland. This site is particularly for nature lovers and tranquillity seekers, as it offers fresh air, cool aura along with beautiful forest and pleasant amalgamation with Finnish history. It is basically famous as Open-Air Museum, as it mainly consists of wooden contemporary buildings specially placed in the forest landscape of Finland. The buildings are collection Finnish vernacular styled wooden architecture.
I went there with my sister, and we took bus tour from Erottaja that drops us at the bridge, which leads to the Seurasaari Islands. The walk through this bridge is an amazing, remarkable experience, as it gives the simple beautiful vibes of rural and peaceful outdoor atmosphere. The islands are pleasing to eyes not only because of historic depiction or forest greenery but it has some amazing wildlife. It includes teent tiny squirrels, hares, woodpeckers, ducks, and many birds. Birds chirping in serenity of forest made the day worth spending. The island serves as an oasis in the midst of city, and perfectly display traditional Finnish way of life with beautifully exhibited cottages, farmsteads, churches, and manors from the past four centuries.
Seurasaari island is a must visit place specially in summers, as it organizes exhibition and a perfect place to get away from urban hustling life of the main city.

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