Helsinki, Finland for Linnanmaki Amusement Park

Fun trip indeed. Helsinki is a quiet and simple city, with lots of positive vibes. But there must be something fun, amusing and entertaining for its inhabitants to take a break from routine life. I really liked the serene and quiet nature of Finland, that embraces you right at the moment you arrive at the airport. Yet, after sometime I was hungry for enjoyment and thrilling rides. Linnanmäki Amusement Park was for sure the best option to fulfil my appetite.
Linnanmäki park not only offer fun and thrilling rides but is a home to various games, shops, restaurants, cafe’s, Kioks, grills, cotton candy school, and an outdoor performance stage, which displays different performances mostly in summer. Most fun part, if you go with your family, is there free rides. KotKot, Kuuputin, Merirosvolaiva, Miniautot, Muksupuksu, Panoraama are some of them.
For me the best thing was city’s panoramic view which was just breathtaking, just loved it. It’s a must if you are a parent and a bit expensive for students. But once in there, you’re going to have loads of fun.

For anyone who’s visiting Helsinki any time soon, this place is a must visit. As you’ll find very few places in that city to shout out loud, and have fun with all your heart.

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