Helsinki, Finland for Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

Kiasma is a house of modern and contemporary art exhibited in a curvaceous building having chalky-white appearance. The architecture of the building so very well designed, and most interesting part is that the architectural work is inspired by the availability of beautiful natural light in Helsinki. And it makes the building so serene and beautiful that light is uniform in all Kiasma building. It is a must visit for modern art lovers, as it exhibits a growing collection of top notch Finnish and international artists. Mainly the art work belongs to 1960s to 1990s era.
The most popular exhibitions held by Kiasma are of Finnish and international contemporary artists. These exhibitions are presented annually in a thematic group manner or solo. Many young artists participate in these exhibition, and nest of best work is exhibited as the selection is done so as not to temper the aura of the theme. Thus, with innovation and engaging style, Kiasma is not only a museum but also a happening laboratory for art experimentation and an ultimate opportunity for its expression .
Kiasma not only presents the best of contemporary art, but also hosts gigantic and mesmerizing events such performing arts, music, films, and dance which are a regular part of Kiasma schedule. Well, Kiasma also has its own Kiasma Cafe, that has most delicious and hygienic food available. Freshly-brewed tea is a must have after a long tour of the museum and Kiasma serves it well.
It is one of the top favorite tourists attractions in Helsinki.

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