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National Museum of Finland is located in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Main theme of the museum is the depiction of Finnish history right from the Stone Age (1700s) till today. Museum exhibits great collection of Art and Artefacts with appropriately mentioned chronological display. It is a great place to learn something about Finnish history and its transformation to present day. I t is a definite recommendation.
Museum’s building is not very big, yet impressive with true depiction of Finnish architectural design. The museum is divided into six sections, named as The Treasure Troves, Prehistory of Finland, The Realm, The Land and its People, Exhibition on 20th Century, and Suomi Finland 1900. All collections and historical objects are really interesting, specially the depiction of evolution of people. But I liked the Finnish costume collection the most. Fabric archive is really appealing and you’ll find transformation of style and design from historic period till this date.
Museum is very informative with appropriate depiction of Finnish lifestyle over the years, but it is somewhat boring. Some interactive group guides and use of modern technology would attract more visitors and would be fun along with knowledge.
Now a days, museum seems a bit constrained, as pre-historic and 20th century sections are closed for renovation and reconstruction. So it’ll be more detailed and interesting incoming year.

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