Helsinki, Finland for The Fortress of Suomenlinna

Last summers I went to visit my sister living in Finland. Finland is a small beautiful country that is rich in historical places, and beautiful churches. While planning a trip to see Helsinki, top most tourist attraction of Helsinki, the “Fortress of Suomenlinna (Castle of Finland)” came up.
A short ferry ride (of less than 15 minutes, paying only 2 Euros per person!! well yes its true!) took us away from the urban bustle and in a tranquil, peaceful environment of the fortress. Fortress is built on six islands, which are now part of Helsinki. The captivating and mesmerizing fortress is surrounded by beautiful natural reserves and open waters. The original main entrance of fortress is “King’s Gate”, which is called as Symbol of Suomenlinna. This place offers different atmosphere, because of its presence on 6 islands. As after hiking on a very sunny day, you can take a cool swim in cool, refreshing water. Here, on the beach the swimmers have the facilities of showers and toilets. Like one would expect in the fortress, Suomenlinna have number of tunnels, but there is no lighting in there, so do pack torches along to enjoy your trip.
Interestingly, you can stay in fortress to enjoy long, calm and warm summer night, as the last ferry departs at 2’O clock in the morning. Standing on a hallmark of European Military architecture, and watching the beautiful sunset while light shining from the waters with serene awe-inspiring view, just make your day perfect.
It was a pleasurable and serene trip and I’d highly recommend to everyone.

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