Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan for Magnificent and Aristocratic Himeji Castle

Himeji city of Japan is most famous for it’s castle which is located in the center of the city on the peak of Himeyama Hill top. The magnificent and a perfect depiction of feudal period can be observed through Himeji castle’s architecture, preservation, antique style, interior, carvings, and structural design. Himeji castle is the largest of all castles present in Japan, and is the perfect depiction of Japan’s very own architectural and defensive style. The walls of the castle are beautifully curved, that gives a light feather like style. But the walls are actually made of stone and wood, where both give the walls strength and posture. This castle is not only a must visit for History lovers but also gives some serene and positive vibes to its visitors. The castle has been gone through a strenuous period of construction, that has renewed and properly preserved the actual structure of castle. During renovation period of castle, which was prolonged for almost five years, it still has cater visitors and was still a top favorite tourist attraction of Himeji. This castle has been assigned as UNESCO World Heritage site, and of course is a national treasure for Japan. Beauty of this castle increase a hundred folds by super attractive cherry trees. The blossoming cherry trees adds to the stunning view of the castle.
Very interesting that one would observe about this castle, is it’s complex grounds. As they kind of look like steps with specific compounds. This complexity and architectural beauty made this castle, top favorite castle. The view from top hill gives a perfect insight about the structural and architectural richness of Japanese culture and the way it is preserved.

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Hotel Wing International, Himeji


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