Hong Kong for Personal Travel

Hong Kong seems like one of the brightest and most vivid places on earth, but it also holds an interesting air of mystery that one can only find in Asia. Most will recommend, if you are just beginning to want to travel to Asia and want a ‘lite’ version, try HK or Singapore. If you don’t speak any Cantonese it will not be a burden whatsoever. HK has something for everyone: the foodie, the outdoorsman, the city-lover, the artist, etc.
Hong Kong is a top destination for food and shopping, so expect to see shopping malls quite literally everywhere. Hole-in-the-wall restaurants have higher prestige than 35-story-high restaurants overlooking Victoria Harbor– you know it’s good when there is an average working-class family at one table and businessmen in suits at another.
Also, explore the islands’ beaches when the weather is nice! HK has fantastic hiking opportunities, too.
Macau may turn off some visitors, but it isn’t only just casinos. The old parts of Macau hold fascinating remnants of the colonial era and interesting Chinese/Portugese food and architectural combinations.

Where I stayed / started

Airbnb- Man King Building, Kowloon

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