Honolulu, HI, United States for Extinct Volcanic Cone Diamond Head

For the lovers of stunning natural panoramic views, Diamond head is the perfect place to visit and do some hiking. It’s name diamond was given by the British sailors, who presumed the crystals on the beach with real diamonds. Diamond head is the top favourite tourist attraction, as it gives a great view for your summer holidays’ picture perfect. This monument is an extinct volcanic tuff cone, that attracts hikers as it feels like an amalgamation of natural beauty with a mix of urban, modern skyscrapers. Diamond Head state monument was designated as U.S. National Natural Landmark in 1968.
Diamond head is the perfect historic hiking spot. The trailhead is of 0.8 mile hike, then you reach to the summit. In the start, the trail seems easy, but with time when you start to gain elevation, it become strenuous. An enjoyable hike of this track need a perfect workout, as you go 560 feet from the crater floor. While passing through you see military tunnel. The trail takes usually an hour, and once finally you are at the summit, you get to see the beautiful, mesmerizing, and enchanting view of entire Oahu leeward coast.
Entrance fee is 5USD, which also includes parking, or if you have taken the bus ride and walk in then you have to pay 1 USD.
Well its a great experience in the end, fun, adventure, natural view and much much more. I’d recommend it to everyone out there.

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