Honolulu, HI, United States for Hawaii's Largest Museum

What do you expect a museum to offer!!! You want to know history!! well you got history. You want modern age stuff? You checked in the right place. Bishop museum offers it all.
It was an amazing experience to learn about Royalty and the Politics, two amalgamated pillars of the history, and the way museum has portrayed the life from that time to now is just great. But what really capture your attention would be giant and beautiful sperm whale hanging in the main hall. In a nutshell, this museum has really reminded me of the movie “Night at the Museum ” :). There are two halls in the museum, Natural history hall, and Hawaiian Hall. Hawaiian Hall truly depicts the aristocratic stature of royalty with exhibition of Royalty and beautiful flooring plus architecture. While the Natural History hall hoses different exhibitions of insects, dinosaurs, ocean life, robotics, and much more.
I’d say it’s a not to be missed place that not only showcase historical and modern stories , but also The Science Adventure Center offer different kinds of amazing activities. I would recommend it to everyone, to take some time out and learn about the history of Hawaii.

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