How Project Managers Can Get PMP Certification for PMP Certification

The PMP Certificate is the world-renowned credential for project management. You are distinguished as a team leader and increase your earning potential by gathering your PMP Certification. Here is all about the certification process for PMP, PMP certification courses, and requirements for certification for PMI you need to know. The Academy in Project Management provides all the knowledge that you need to fly.


How to become PMP ® Certified Project Manager?

·       Step 1: Read the PMP ® Credentials Handbook for Project Management Professional. A Skills Handbook (handbook), which you can read here, is provided by the Project Management Institute ( PMI). The first 20 minutes on your trip to become a certified PMP will take you to read this manual. It should address several of your concerns regarding the program and evaluation processes.

·       Step 2: Ensure that you can become a PMI certified project manager: it’s easy to find out whether or not you can take the PMP ® Exam.Will you hold a high school certificate, a degree of partnership, or the equivalent?? You must then have at least five (60 months) years of unique, unrelated professional project management experience, which must have taken at least 7,500 hours to conduct and manage the project work. (Non-overlapping means you have only 12 months, not 24 if you managed two projects last year.)

·       Step 3: Join PMI and join your local PMI Chapter: As a PMI member, you will receive a PMBOK ® Guide for project administration and a substantial reduction on your PMP ® exam not only as a PMI member but also as a free PDF-version. The discount actually exceeds the membership fee. It also makes sense to be a member of your local PMI chapter because PMP Prep workshops are available in most chapters. Again, you usually get a discount higher than the premium charge as a customer. Your local branch is also a big PMP tool. You should join the dinner meeting of your chapter and speak to the fresh and seasoned PMPs on the review in person. You will be very pleased to answer and assist you. You can meet aspiring PMP as well as yourself and form a study group. Together with studying is more fun and increases your opportunity to pass.

·       Step 4: Register to the PMP Exam: It is a much stronger idea, and when we are on schedule, we both work even easier.To register, start your visit at https:/ You then complete and apply to PMI for approval of your Online PMP Credential Application and then give a confirmation figure. You can now schedule the examination at https:/ on the Prometric Website. This separate scheduling needs to be done because PMI does not do the test itself, but uses a worldwide test company called Thomson Prometric. You can have to drive very far to take the examination, depending on where you stay. You want to plan this definitely well in advance, in this way.

·       Step 5 The main reference used for the PMBOK ® examination is the PMBOK ® Guide. The PMBOK ® Guide provides the most trainers with an estimated response of approximately 75 percent to the questions posed on the PMP Exam. You will have to learn it indoors and out, so it can only be learned often, at least.

·       Step 6: Many excellent self-studies and PMP books are available. And since the PMBOK ® Guide is so ‘dry,’ these third-party products help you understand the meaning of the PMBOK ® Guide.

·       Step 7: Take an in-person PMP Workshop: A range of personal PMP workshops are offered worldwide by PMI Chapters, universities, colleges, and training companies. It usually lasts two to six days.

·       Step 8: Answer as many PMP Exam questions as possible: You get what you pay for when it comes to free samples. Free, and most people do it, it’s nice to have an idea. But the “real” questions of a reputable online simulator for PMP test are to be paid for. Preview questions are included in books as well, and you can go to your nearest bookshop and wait before you determine which book to order.

·       Step 9: PMP examination study is an important task and a personally committed task. Manage and create a plan – a PMP study plan – to become a PMP like a project. Define in this program the number of hours you prepare every day, the number of chapters you read, and the review questions that you address. The beginning is to have a good plan.

·       Stage 10: Take the examination: it almost feels like the easiest component after all this tough work. 

Conclusion: Here above in this article you will get to know how project managers can become easily PMP certified in few steps.

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