Hubei, China for Stepping (Gingerly) Across a 262-Foot 'Swinging Bridge'

Heights aren’t my favourite. So on a recent trip to central China, I decided to challenge myself and take a walk across 262 feet of wood, rope, and wire which hangs 400 feet above a large lake. The bridge was built years ago by local government and is suspended between two remote mountain villages, to allow the inhabitants of each to travel back and forth. There is a lot of tourist traffic to the many “unbreakable glass” bridges with which China has speckled itself, but this swinging bridge (so named because it really does sway, even without the pressure of wind) is largely untouched by touring feet, due to its relatively remote nature. The low traffic level made me feel a *little* better about the soundness of the wood. I still had butterflies in my stomach the whole way over, but I did it!

Where I stayed / started

Hubei, China

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