Huntington Beach, CA for the Other Central Park

This is a really beautiful, sprawling park that I discovered when I was temporarily living in HB. It’s very well maintained and so large that it never feels crowded. My mom, sister and I threw a birthday party for my nephew there in one of the picnic facilities. The fire pits were great for our mid-day s’mores and the wide open spaces were awesome for tuckering out the little ones.

My niece was especially interested in the equestrian center. She’s absolutely captivated by horses, so I walked her over to see some of the students practicing their riding. We also happened to see an owl, perched high up in one of the trees. She thought that was pretty cool as well.

Aside from the birthday festivities, I also visited Central Park a lot to exercise. There’s a great, well-maintained loop that runs around the park, which makes for a really easy way to clock some miles. I think the loop itself is just over a mile around. There are little areas to stop off and use built-in pull-up bars and such for some freeform calisthenics. Great spot!

Insider Tip

There is free parking near the Slater and Golden West intersection in a decent sized parking lot, as well as a few spots off of Gothard. Other areas are pay-to-park, and they are not cheap!

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Central Park

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