Hyderabad, India for Wonderful Hyderabadi Biriyani

Hyderabad is one of the best places in India. You can visit this place for enjoying its beauty. For being one of the ancient city it has so many temple and monuments you can enjoy. But I was there for testing the Hyderabadi Biriyani.

One of my best friend Anurag was proposing me for going to his grandfather home in Hyderabad back there in India. I am from Bangladesh and I travel a lot of places in the world but never traveled before in my neighboring country India. So I agree with him and joined him on his journey.

We went there by train and it was a long journey. The train was very comfortable and also there is a lot of tasty item available there. It took us 27 hours to reach there. We ate a lot of item including the fish cake, a hamburger, chicken sandwich and a milkshake. It was nicely presented by the train waiters and we enjoy a lot.

The more things happened as we are crossing the border. The scenery was beautiful and charming. Full of forest land and river. In our journey, we encounter a lot’s of watery condition what makes this trip even more enjoyable. The weather was first class and not differents from my country.

We reach there by the afternoon and got a bit tired. Actually, Hyderabad is a little bit crowdy but at the afternoon, it become a little bit calm and the heat is starting to fade off.

We saw nice restaurants near the bus stands. So we wanted to take a little break and have some mile in the restaurants. As I know that Hyderabadi Biriani is the most delicious and world class item widely known. So we pick the Biriyani. I was taking the beef biriyani where my friend, on the other hand, eating the chicken. Both the biriyani test so well and we ate several plates and still thinking of trying another one.

The plate is nicely decorated with lots of tasty salad and masala rice with the mixture of meat. The dal has increased it’s testing a lot more. If you are free then try those. You will not get disappointed​ at all.

Insider Tip

Try both the chicken and beef Biriyani or you will regret for not trying them all.

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