I left all stability and went and lived in Haiti for a year. for I taught English and Yoga on the beach. I learned creole and fell more in love with the people. I lived in small rooms w no running water. It completely changed me!

I went to Haiti with about $150 to my name, stayed at a missionary retreat. I lived in places with no running water and took bucket baths or bathed and washed my clothes in the river. I walked the beaches, had a beautiful boyfriend and learned creole. At one point I live in a village with 25,000 and more locals and I was the only white woman. what was fun was diving into a whole new culture and experiencing it first hand, including Salmonella poisening where I lost 4o pounds. That was not fun. I had quite awhile where I was starving. What was fun was experiencing a whole new culture and living like a local to the extreme.

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