Île de la Visitation for The hidden gem of Montreal

Since I am a passionate traveler and a curious explorer, I always try to find the hidden places of the city I visit and reveal the secrets of the locals’.
During one of my stays in Montreal I had the chance to spoke with a local girl ( working on the reception of the hotel I stayed in ) about some of the Montreal’s hidden places. She told me about Île de la Visitation – a spot, I did not know anything about, even not in my must-go-and-visit list. Fortunately, I had a couple of hours to spend so I thought it would be a great idea to head to Ile-de-la-Visitation. After some time traveling, I finally managed to reach my destination and I could not believe my eyes. This was one of the most quite places I have ever been to. Located on the island of Montreal, right on the river, this peaceful refuge offered me a nice getaway moment. There were a couple of old houses which were well preserved with a road strictly reserved for residents. There also were walking paths to visit the island, picnic sites available and, of course, an old mill. I was amazed by the fact that unlikely most of the cities I visited, the old buildings here were not renovated at all. The ruins, on the other site, were only secured which was quite interesting for me. I took an hour walk by the river surrounded by nature. This was just wonderful since Île de la Visitation is located in an urban environment. The park itself is 34-hectare provides opportunities to observe a wide variety of birds and aquatic wildlife. Depending on the season, activities include walking, cycling, etc. People also can visit the historic Maison du Pressoir and the Des Moulins bistro-terrace. The bistro itself is just on the river bank, close to the entry of the site, and it is a great place to stop by. Meals are delicious and prices are affordable. However, if you decide to visit the Île de la Visitation do this during the week. It’s really a charming place and I envy people who live there as they are very lucky.
Going back to my hotel I was constantly thinking about this little hidden gem of Montreal. It was quite an experience to go there and was surrounded by nature. I would highly recommend Île de la Visitation to all my friends travelling to Canada as it is a wonderful place all year long, free and plenty of things to do.You can go for a walk, do a nice bicycle ride or just sit at the terrace listening to the water and have a snack or a beer.

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