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Best 3 Getaways from Mumbai: Travel In Monsoons!

Monsoons, are one of the much awaited season, when temperatures come crashing down from the heat of the summers. When the muddy smell from the earth fills our senses. Mostly, couples can be spotted sharing corn on the cob by the waterfront. When children or kids, coming close to end their summer vacation, are seen jumping into puddles and making a splash everywhere. The office workers in Mumbai, known for always being in hurry and hustle, slow down – albeit momentarily – just to praise the beauty of the first few rain drops.

This much awaited season of rain is best experienced when escaped from Mumbai, places where you can quickly travel by just booking online bus tickets from redbus have been mentioned here. Buses are cheap to travel and always give better memories during the rainy months. Unwind yourself during the bus journey and view the wet roads through the window panels.

Mumbai offers great places for a stress-free getaway, not to far yet monsoons could be enjoyed in all its wet glory, the list follows:

  1. Fort Jadhavgadh in Pune: This location is 150kms away from Mumbai, easily reached by bus. Activities like, trekking, bird watching, and visiting its in-house museum to attending ghazal nights and going on a bullock cart ride! Wow!

  2. Daman and Diu: Located just 150kms away from Mumbai is another great place to enjoy the wet season. Natural beauty and pristine ambience is a popular destination among tourists. Don’t miss to visit the Diu Fort, which offers a panoramic sea view. Take a walk on Nagoa and Ghogla, they are clean, well-maintained beaches that offer ample spots for solitude.

  3. Goa: No list is complete without this happening place. India favourite travel destination is located close to Mumbai. Instead of exploring the beaches during the monsoons, it’s ideal to sight the wonderful churches, eat at amazing sea restaurants. Other interesting things to do are Saturday night market, Fort Agunda, Old Goa, lots to do apart from the beaches. Explore it!

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Best 3 Getaways from Mumbai: Travel In Monsoons!

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