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India for How Yoga can Help in Stress and Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is a major issue, whether it is acute, general or high level. It does feel bothersome to not be able to focus and give your best performance. A popular study shows that anxiety is shared all around the world, and the worst part is the amount of defence mechanisms that people have come up with to combat this feeling.

The defence mechanisms have evolved and at most time’s people give into their own mechanisms and start living in them as a way of life. People who have such a lifestyle are extremely vulnerable and fearful, and hardly live their lives to the fullest.

The birth of anxiety happens with losing a natural alignment of the body and the being. When people start taking them for granted under all the pressure that they face externally, their internal voice learns to keep shut and excess internal mind game causes anxiety attacks.

This is exactly where yoga comes into the picture. We don’t know if the ancient Indian yogis created yoga with a prediction of a common human life in the 21st century, but it feels almost as if the most perfect time for mankind to embark on a yogic journey and overcome their anxieties.

Yoga helps in aligning one’s physical body and the mental functioning; leading them further to their souls. But how exactly does yoga align people and their beings? Let’s head to the times of yore to know more.

In ancient India, lived yogis, who lead a sage’s life. They knew that there was something that lived within us that was beyond human behaviour, lives and pleasures. They dug deep into the human psyche to reach closer to this state of being (which was the soul). In the process they came up with ways to reach that state of being, for anyone and everyone who wished to become closer to them and dwell in the internal strengths and secrets. This form of reaching to the different consciousness within ourselves was Yoga.

Yoga is a process of practicing intense breath-control techniques and pairing those techniques with movement, to make you feel comfort table in the most complicated positions, by summoning the energy from within one self to be comfortable in those asanas and postures.

Practicing meditation after a physical session helps you reach out to your conscious and just be with your thoughts, in comfortable co-existence.

Here are a few ways in which yoga helps relieve stress and anxiety

1.      First you release endorphins.

When you start with your physical asanas and postures, you are stretching your entire body in numerous ways. This helps your body release endorphins; they are the hormones which make you feel better. When we are tensed, the body tightens and creates stress areas. These stress points are knotted and need to loosen up. The asanas, slowly and steadily unknot these points making your body feel relaxed and more strengthened.

2.       Breath work is a blessing

Yoga is very essentially about breath work and breathe control. Breath is the one element in a being, which if done correctly solves 99% problems in the body. But the usual lifestyle has us so pressurized that we give into shallow breathing. This affects the overall comfort of one’s body. When you practice breathing correctly while performing complicated postures, you are actually learning to maintain a level of comfort in your daily activities.

3.      Meditation and relaxation

Relaxation as easy and comforting as it may sound, is not so easy to experience. Years of tensed muscles and joints take a lot of time to completely surrender to a relaxed state of being. There are many asanas that make it easier for you to give into this state within no time, but being relaxed also needs humungous amounts of practice and reassurance to the self to be okay with your vulnerabilities, fears and pain. Meditation is one way to outlet these insecurities and vulnerabilities that are tightening you up, by facing them one on one.

The yoga capital of the world is in India, and people flock in large numbers to experience a luxury yoga vacation in India. One may find luxury yoga retreats happening in different regions all over India. So the next time you are planning on a vacation, make it a luxury yoga vacation in India, for enjoying the best of a vacation along with enlightening and rejuvenating yoga sessions to heighten your senses.


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