India for Top 3Strange Festivals Celebrated Across India

India is an incredible land where religionspractised and its beliefs rule the gallows. Ever since ancient period, they have been at their prime and have created a long lasting impact on its people thatthe ultra-modern theories of the west fail to discern.As time passed, there happened a rise of some unusual festivals due to the result of spiritual connection between almighty and events those are obeyed strictly, restoring religion harmony.

Now the question arises, whether these traditional events practised in the make of religion and ritual are of any good? The question of throwing deep meaning in our rituals leaves us to wonder about a list of most bizarre festivals in India and some crazyevents thatdeserves a good thought.

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Keep reading to know more on strange festivals of India, let’s explore:

1.     Nag Panchami:Nag, in real terms is the Cobra, a species of snake, holding a great place in Hindu mythology. It is a new level of worship towards the divine creature which is witnessed on Nag Panchami, as snakes are offered milk on this day. It is celebrated in honour of the Snake God (Sheshnag).

2.     Beat with Stick Holi, Vrindavan:Women chase and beat men of Barsana in Mathura, men do not fear these Lathis and celebrates it as a local festival known as Lath Mar Holi. Played just before the actual day of Holi, Lath Mar Holi is an exceptional way of celebrating this festival of colours.


3.     Thaipusam Festival:This is celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu, thaipusam festival can be described as a brutal humiliation of the human flesh. Devotees taking part in this daunting ritual are made to suffer painful piercings of hooks and skewers all throughout their body.

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