INDIA for Top 4 Useful Travel Tips in India

Going by a bus in India is an exciting experience in itself. The shifting routes, various dialects and frankness adds to its astounding charm. Taking a bus ride on Indian streets can be a significant adventure; as it accompanies the dynamic sights, the towns you will cruise by, inspecting food at local diners and the general population who may be a part of your interaction.

However, before you set out on one such bus adventure, here are some useful travel tips that shall help you to encounter an upbeat and unwinding wanderlust.

  • Buy online Bus tickets: Keeps you away from the trouble of getting frustrated while waiting in long queues, travel agent booking fees and other frivolous expenses. Once you decide to book online bus tickets from  it helps to select your ideal bus type and desired window seat from the comfort of your house or office. Choose a route, pick a seat and travel at ease. The user-friendly platform offers turnkey and secured online bus reservation services in a short span of time.
  • Go for an Ideal Bus: Sitting in a bus while being on Indian roads is not always a comfy affair, thanks to the roads infested with potholes. In that case, opting for Volvo buses is a reliable option, which are far more comfortable in comparison with others. Also, take your pick from the sleepers, semi-sleepers and other push back seating options. It is recommendable to book a window seat as this offers an opportunity to practice your camera skills and capture every pathway you pass through in your camera lens. Make the best of your journey!
  • Carry Dry fruits & Snacks: Most of the cities in India are blessed with refreshment shops and most of the buses give convenient breaks. Still what do you do when you are hungry in the middle of the night or daytime? Simply dig your hand into your snack bag and much some nuts or cake and chips!
  • Always maintain safety: always be alert and conscious while travelling alone in buses. Especially while travelling in overnight buses, you need to be in extra alert, try to be in touch with your friends or family members over the phone or get in touch with the bus staff members in case of any emergency.  


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