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India for Why is Yoga Necessary for a Sports Person?

Learn about why yoga is important for practitioners of all kinds of sports. 

Yoga has changed the perception of a healthy lifestyle for so many people in the world and the numbers are sure increasing. Yoga has successfully been able to spread its message and holistic goodness in this age of the internet. It is a great practice that helps you stay physically fit, along with its mental and spiritual benefits, yoga increases the core strength.

Many celebrated athletes are now opening up to the benefits of practicing yoga and including it in their daily life routines. Some of them being:

·         LeBron James: NBA athlete

·         Shaquille O’Neal: NBA athlete

·         Kevin Love: NBA athlete

·         Ray Lewis: NFL athlete

·         Sachin Tendulkar : Indian Cricket Legend

One of the many reasons why yoga is a compulsion for teams (to be included in their routines, apart from performing workouts) is because yoga brings together a natural sense of rhythm that is unique to every individual. This rhythm is achieved through aligning one’s breath work with their physical body movements while they perform yoga.

There are a lot of luxury yoga holidays nowadays and this is a perfect way to infuse yoga while one is on a vacation. Since India was where yoga originated, till date, astounding luxury yoga holidays in India are available throughout different regions.

Athletes go through a lot of pressure; pressure of the game, the media personnel, the public, their own family and most importantly their team. Yoga plays a very important role in unwinding and staying focused on their personal performance and working with the team.

Here are some reasons why yoga is necessary for sports people:

Yoga strengthens the muscles from within

There are a lot of teams that include the practice of yoga as an essential part of their daily routines, apart from the frequent workouts. Yoga focuses on building the cardio strength so that your muscles get the energy to build from the within, rather than outward energies that are forced to build the muscles like dumbbells. A sports person’s body needs relaxation; when they perform gym exercises and heavy lifts in order to strengthen the muscles, the muscles feel external force that comes as a surprise and they get exhausted by the sudden weight lifting. As a result the muscles swell and are in a state of tension and over-alertness. When the same athletes do asanas and poses, they accumulate and build the energy for the muscles strength, from within themselves and hence the body remains in a relaxed state even after rigorous workouts afterwards. If one is using and external force to put pressure on the muscles, they build themselves and remain in a state of challenge rather than a relaxed build up.

Practicing yoga helps in a speedy recovery.

The worst part in an athlete’s life is being injured and recovery is essential before they can play again. Practicing yoga helps in speedy recovery as it opens up the energy channels one may experience a better blood flow that reaches out to the entire body. Better blood flow means that the healing of an injury gets faster because it allows better blood flow in the areas that are injured and need healing.

Yoga helps by providing Prevention from serious injuries.

Sports people will go to any lengths to prevent any kinds of injuries because they know that a single injury could cost them their entire career. Yoga works wonders in strengthening you core strength in true senses. As the body starts to retain stamina and a natural rhythm with the practice of yoga, their body experiences better blood flow and new levels of flexibility. This flexibility strengthens your bones, muscles, joints and caps in more areas of one’s body. This is how it prepares the body for major shocks by providing greater strength to the joints.

Yoga has amazing benefits to the different parts of the body; it not only relaxes and reduces stress, but also adds on to the flexibility of one’s body. Also the mental alignment with the breath that attests to your well-existence, buys you time to focus and retain your spiritual effects in your movements and overall strength. This improves the overall performance of many famous athletes performing all kinds of sports. 


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