Indianapolis, IN for Milktooth

I’m not sure if this is one of those places that locals would roll their eyes at, due to its explosive popularity. It seems like one of those hip joints that all the “cool kids” flock to, while everyone else rolls their eyes. Nonetheless, for a post-run late breakfast on a Tuesday, it’s AMAZING.

I wanted to take a mini vacation, and a friend of mine needed someone to watch her house and dog while she was traveling for a couple of weeks, so I hopped a plane and went to help her out.

My third day at the house, I woke up early and felt pretty rested, so I strapped on my running shoes, fed the dog, and zipped out the door. The streets around the house are pretty even and great for running. I ended up running a couple of miles into town, and then went to weave around some back way when I saw Milktooth, sort of away from the main streets. My stomach grumbled immediately. I was satisfied with my three mile run and decided I’d earned some breakfast. I got a table with no wait at all (I’m betting that’s definitely not the case on weekends), and started drooling over the menu.

I ordered a savory dutch baby and their Basic B Bloody Mary (What? I know it was a Tuesday. But I was on vacation. Don’t judge.) The food was incredible, and the service super friendly. I turned my run-to-Milktooth trip into a ritual and went back the next Tuesday as well. I’ll definitely visit again if I make it over to Indianapolis again.

Photo cred: Milktooth

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