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Capital of Tyrol state of Austria, Innsbruck is a popular year-round holiday destination. Innsbruck Airport is as an important gateway to this spectacular city. Innsbruck is a real alpine gem well known for its dramatic landscapes, long history, pretty medieval old town, twisting streets, picturesque castles, palaces and most importantly for its ski resorts and traditional winter sports competition. Some of the must visit places of Innsbruck are listed below.



Altstadt Von Innsbruck stands as an main attraction of Tyrol. It is house to many historical buildings dating back to 500 years designed with admirable old Tyrolese architecture. Enveloped in ring of twisting streets filled with number of cafes, restaurants and medieval houses are worth exploring. Helblinghaus, Golden Eagle, Stadtturm, Old Rathaus, Ottoburg, Deutschordenshaus and Burgriesenhaus are popular attractions of old town.



It is one of the Europe’s finest court churches which dates back to 1563. The spectacular tomb and museum of Emperor Maximilian I are important parts of this Gothic style church. Church showcases some of the spectacular interiors. Its massive black marble and beautiful red marble columns are very interesting. Innsbruck is blessed with so many attractions which can be explored most comfortably with your self drive car hire Innsbruck Airport.



It is a former Imperial residence and Innsbruck’d old court palace. Its luxurious apartments, fine painted ceilings, grand hall decorated in white and gold stunning. Empress Elisabeth Apartment, Ancestral gallery, Maria Theresa’s rooms, Furniture museum and Painting Gallery are worth seeing in Hoffburg.



This city’s most famous landmark is located in old town of Innsbruck. It was constructed in 1500’s for Emperor Maximillian I. It is most wonderful and distinctive landmark of city. Except exteriors museum is also worth more visiting.



It is a cable car ride which calls for a both trilling and scenic experience. It takes you up to the part of Austria’s largest natural park, Nordkette. A 20 min fantastic journey offer a breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and Innsbruck. This cable car have several stops till it reaches at top. Every stop has numerous restaurants and viewpoints.

Inssbruck being an important plus popular tourist destination needs some pre-plannings for travelling without hindrances. On the spot bookings of Hotels , car rentals or visiting attractions can call for some last minute delays and troubles. For hassle-free memorable trip to Innsbruck advance booking are advised. Every information regarding how to book hotels and where to book Innsbruck car rentals is available online.







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