Ireland for 1 Week

It is hard to fit everything amazing about a place into one week of travel, in fact, I’d go as far as to say it iss impossible. A place where this holds the truest for me is Ireland. So true in fact, that I turned my two week holiday into an eight month residency. Ireland is a dream. If you’re into beer and into stunning views, this is the perfect place for you. From the moment I stepped into my first Irish pub all the way to my beautiful visit of the west coast of the country, I knew it was something special. It would be impossible to do the country complete and total justice in a short holiday, but I have now had a few people in my life come to visit for a very short time and I have learned a lot in regards to how to conquer Ireland in a weeks time. Here are my three major tips for getting the most about of this beautiful country I have been able to call my home away from home.

1. Rent a car.

When put into major perspective on how much gets spent on public transportation when going from city to city in Ireland, renting a car is the way to go. It is a much more efficient way to travel and it allows for so much more time for leisure and time to see more places. Along with this, driving through the country and outside of the city is honestly one of the most magnificent experiences I have ever had.

2. Have a plan.

Ireland has so many beautiful destinations; one of my biggest mistakes while traveling was not coming prepared with what I wanted to see. Being highly unorganized really limited what I could see in the short time I was there. Learn from my mistakes, book hostels in advance so you don’t spend half of your day searching for a place to stay and have a game plan so you don’t miss out on any of your bucket list locations.

3. Submerge yourself.

Most importantly, I believe staying constantly present and absorbing every second of this beautiful country is what is most vital. Even though my friends and I had no plan and no destination throughout our entire trip, I remained fully in the moment and constantly reminded myself to soak in every beautiful detail. Enjoying the journey even through the potential stressors of trying to navigate through a new place is the best part of travel!

Ireland has a whole lot to offer. A big joy of traveling through Europe is seeing so many different countries in such a short amount of time, although sometimes the hustle and bustle can leave us feeling overwhelmed and like we’ve missed out on certain parts of every country. Utilizing resources and time is just the beginning, but also a very vital part of feeling truly fulfilled while passing through a country.

Where I stayed / started

Dublin, Ireland

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