Issaquah, WA for Poo Poo Point

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I woke up early one Saturday morning with nothing on my agenda. I was feeling a little restless, so I decided to take myself on a hike. I stuffed a tiny backpack with a water bottle, a couple of beers (never know when you might make friends, right?), and a sandwich.

There are quite a few switchbacks and nearly the whole trip feels like a steady incline, but it was a pretty temperate mid-summer day, so the seven miles round trip wasn’t too much of a pain. This trail has some pretty diverse scenery – bridges, small ponds, wildflowers, little critters, etc. A great moderate hike, and an excellent way to spend some alone time.

Perhaps the best thing about this hike is the top, especially in the summer time. The ‘point’ in Poo Poo Point is a jumping-off point for paragliders. I got to witness a couple jumps while I sipped my IPA and enjoyed my sandwich. Made it up and back in three hours, including a 45 minute rest at the top. Not too shabby!

Insider Tip

If you’re pressed for time (and in better-than-average shape), you can take the alternate Chirico Trail, which is only 3.8 miles round trip. I’ve hiked that too, and it’s much…much steeper.

Where I stayed / started

Poo Poo Point

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