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The Galata Tower
I visited Galata tower on my brother’s recommendation, for the most amazing scenic view of Istanbul city. Well he was obviously right…as always. Landscape is truly gorgeous and beautiful just like all the historical places of the city are. The view is really beautiful, and must be way up on your to-do list, on your visit to Istanbul. Most preferable time to visit the highest peak of this tower is at the Sunset. You’ll definitely feel inner tranquillity and peace. I felt near to the sky, in the air, amidst serenity of nature and ancient beauty.
90 story Galata tower was built in 1348, and dominated the skyline of the city, being the tallest building with 67 meters (219 ft). Galata tower was originally named as the Tower of Christ. Most of the walls doesn’t exist in their actual shape, of course, yet 12 ft thick walls of the tower are still standing high majestically. This tower was actually built in replacement of its predecessor “Great tower “. Great tower was used to direct sea traffic. While Ottomans used the Glata tower to keep an eye on, and to look for any fire anywhere in the city. It was fulfilling the same purpose until 1960. But now, fortunately the upper floors serve the purpose of panorama balcony. Here you’ll have the most stunning view of the city, it has became top tourist attraction.
Last but not the least, Yes the view is breath taking, for sure, but the cost to be there is extremely expensive. Well, it is in accordance with other London or Canada’s towers’ tickets, but certainly not in accordance with the food, and facilities.
Yet I’d recommend to every one other than people suffering from acrophobia.

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