Ivanjica for Fresh Air, Raspberries and Satellites

Tired of the sweltering summer heat of Belgrade, we decided to take a road trip down south to the mountainous area for some relief. We decided to stay in Ivanjica, a charming little town in south-west Serbia, where my friend’s family own a small motel and a kafana (local-style tavern). On the way to Ivanjica, we decided to stop by in Prilike, a nearby village where we could the the remains of what were once three satellites, built in the era of socialist Yugoslavia. We got the the kafana, where we were served delicious local specialties – soft cheese, prosciutto, pickled chilies and many other delicious things. In the evening, we strolled down Ivanjica’s main street, lined with bars and pubs playing a variety of different music. We decided to settle for Bezbi, a sort of a meeting point for all indie and alternative kids in town. The atmosphere was great and the next morning we were ready to go in raspberries fields, as our visit coincided with the peak of the raspberry growing season. It was definitely unique experience and now I have much more respect for people who decide to dedicate months to grow them. We also visited the local dam and waterfall, which was also nice. After a hearty lunch, it was time to go back to the hot asphalt of Belgrade’s busy streets.

Where I stayed / started

Lep Vidik Motel

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