Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India for Top 3 desert camping experience in Rajasthan

Have a look at these desert holiday sites, which you can visit in India, preferably in the months of August to March.

The sand dunes of Khimsar

The tiny hamlet of Khimsar is surrounded by the Thar Desert on all sides, and its rolling sand dunes are a visual treat. The eco-friendly camps in Khimsar are complete with luxurious amenities. The huts surround a water body that looks like a blue pearl in the arid desert. You can dine on the most sumptuous Rajasthani meals, sit around a bonfire, or gaze at the stars through the telescope. Explore the arid land of Khimsar, go on camel carts, or a camel ride, and explore the sand dunes and Khimsar Fort.

The sand dunes of Sam and Khuri in Jaisalmer

The sand dunes at Sam and Khuri are most famous in Rajasthan. Sam sand dunes, 45 km from Jaisalmer, are extremely picturesque and can rise 30-60 meter high. The desert safari in Sam takes you to unexplored parts of Thar Desert, where you can experience the remoteness of the place and a deep calm never experienced before.

Before your eyes stretch miles of golden sand dunes. The sand dunes of Khuri, though not as famous as that at Sam, are beautiful. Dhuri sand dunes, 40 km from Jaisalmer, are more peaceful than Sam, being less crowded. Staying in mud houses, exploring the rural markets, interacting with locals, enjoying a bonfire and having a Rajasthani meal are the different activities you can do at both these places.

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Some suggest desert camp

To explore the Thar Desert and see the rural beauty of Rajasthan, the desert camps offer an unparalleled experience. These camps give accommodation in luxury tents and mud houses. They have luxurious amenities. You can go on camel and jeep safaris, relax with a spa massage, enjoy musical nights with a tribal dance performance by folk dancers and artists, enjoy a Rajasthani meal, and sit around bonfires. Khimsar camps in Khimsar village, Rajputana Desert Camp in Sam Jaisalmer, Mama’s camp in Khuri are the camps that will give you a pleasant stay and enjoy the pristine sands of the Thar Desert.

The sand dunes of Pushkar

Though not as spectacular as those at Sam or Dhuri, the sand dunes at Pushkar can be best enjoyed on a camel or a jeep. The camel safari takes you to points from where you can watch fascinating sunsets. You can also take camel carts and explore the sand dunes. Evenings are best for a camel ride.

Pushkar is a famous religious town of Rajasthan. It holds the world famous Pushkar Mela, a colourful cattle fair, where thousands of camels and other cattle are bought and sold. The fair is a big event where there are other cultural activities like camel races, camel beauty contests, tribal dance, acrobatic performances, etc.

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