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Joshua Tree, CA, United States for Hiking and Photography

I decided to backpack into J Tree to test out a new camera at night. Started in Los Angeles and it was a quick 2.5 hour drive into the park. 20 Bucks to get in and then you can start exploring. I was earlier than I expected so I ended up driving around and seeing some of the road side information boards and looking around. There is no cell service at all in the park and no food or water stations that I saw so make sure and bring enough – although its a quick drive back out.

Eventually hiked in about 5 miles and set up camp. Although the lights from the city are far off you can still see a glow – I was no expecting that. That is good to know for future photo trips of meteor showers. But it was super quite and nice to just set up and relax.

If you are in the LA area and have a day to kill this would be a neat way to do it if you like hiking and exploring.

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