Joy Cafe, Japan for A Friendly Dinner

For some business related issue, I have to go to Hokkaido. In Hokkaido, I have a friend who was running a business there. After I have finished my business meeting then I made my mind meet my friend. When I come back to the hotel, I call him. After hearing about my arrival in Hokkaido my friend requests me to join with him for a dinner with his wife.

I did n’t know that he married. To be honest I was very tired but till I agreed to meet him as it was 5 years since I meet him last. So after taking a quick nap and having a bath in the hotel swimming pool I come to the restaurants.

The front part looks normal restaurants for me but when I entered the restaurant I saw a total differents story. They made some unique environments into the restaurant what is really enjoyable. It’s a family restaurant. They have decorated the whole restaurants so nicely. Also, offer some real modern facility like holding a comedy show each and every morning. They also organize a free wifi for their customer, have a large LED panel where they will show many entertaining Holywood Blockbuster movies.

I was there 1 hour before my friend arrives. So I order top ramen soup as it is most popular in whole Japan. The smell of the soup was very nice and it also tests amazing. I also order sweetbreads their special item. Believe me or not the sweetbread I ate here was one of the most delicious meal in my whole life. It was total wow!

Finally, my friend shows up and we give me the honor to order. I order 3 roasted duck and 3 Sushi with dice coke. After some moments, the waiter comes with all the dishes. Meanwhile, I introduce myself to my friend’s wife and we have a nice chat.

After having our mile we enjoyed some nice dance and sing performance, done by the cafe girl. We have a long chat and when the show finish it was the time to say, goodbye. I hug my friend and returned to the hotel. I really enjoy myself there. It will be a memorable experience of my journey. I will miss Hokkaido and joy cafe.

Insider Tip

Try the sweetbreads it is really amazing!!!

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