Kahe Point Beach Park, O'ahu, Hawai'i for Snorkeling

I stayed with a friend on this trip to O’ahu and decided to go snorkeling (weather was perfect). We went to several locations – Sharks Cove, Hanauma Bay, and Kahe Point Beach Park. Kahe Point Beach Park was by far my favorite place to snorkel. First off, there were not too many people and the lifeguards were out in the water – which made me feel even safer. My friend loves this place and always talks about snorkeling and all the fish you can see so I had to try. It’s a bit of a swim so definitely not for beginner swimmers. I would recommend wearing fins – without it is much more difficult as you are in the open ocean with no reef or barrier to protect from the waves. There are a ton of fish and marine life here due to the electric plant being so close by and all the warm water that shoots out of the tube connected to the plant. It was incredible to see all the marine life that thrive in the warmer waters near the end of the tube and the water was clear enough to see everything. I highly recommend for experienced swimmers and those with snorkeling experience. It’s a bit of a swim but totally worth it and the change in water temperature was pretty cool to experience.

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Snorkeling at Kahe Point or Electric Beach is a must do for experienced snorkelers and swimmers only. Hanauma Bay would be better for beginners.

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