Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte, Philippines for Summer Getaway

After an amazing experience I had in Balangingi Island, Masbate, it was then immediately followed by another breathtaking experience I had in another island in the Visayas. This island is slowly gaining popularity not only in the tourism industry but also in social media as well. Local tourists would often post their experiences in either Facebook or Instagram. Bloggers and travelers are also visiting this island as well because this place would really make a good blog. This mystery island is none other than the infamous Kalanggaman Island.

This island is a 15 to 30-minute boat ride from Palompon, Leyte. The very first time I stepped in this island, I thought that it was just the same as most of the islands that I’ve been to. Clear waters, white sands? What else could this island perhaps offer to its tourists? I asked myself, “Is there an exciting adventure that awaits me here?”. I wasn’t expecting but then as what most of the people say, “Expect the unexpected.”.

I tried to walk around the island since the area is just almost a size of a football stadium. The sands are white and of course the waters are clear too. This is another perfect destination for a summer getaway with all your friends and family. Snorkeling and diving are fun activities to do here as well. I’ve thought that this travel experience was just another ordinary going-to-the-beach experience, but wait! Allow me to tell what happened to me first.

By 2:42 PM in the afternoon, I went snorkeling. With the clarity of the waters, I could clearly see the corals and some school of fishes below. It was just an ordinary snorkeling, when suddenly a black and yellow S-shaped thing passed by my side. I wondered why my right arm bumped in to something cold and scaly. I looked immediately on my right and realized that the animal that I dreaded the most passed by me. Though I was swimming, but my heart was already pounding fast. I kept calm and swam back to the shore. As far as I know, sea snakes won’t harm people unless they are provoked. But nevertheless, I still don’t like them. I thought that it was just an ordinary day for adventure but then I bumped into my dreaded animal. Can you just imagine the nervousness I felt during that moment? Well, I presume you do.

With the trauma I felt after that moment, I was already a bit afraid of swimming back to the sea. But I got over my fear just a few minutes later. LOL.

My Kalanggaman Island getaway was indeed UNFORGETTABLE and EXTRAORDINARY. I thought it was just an ordinary getaway but to my surprise, it wasn’t. Anyways, I still have more adventures to post in Jrrny soon. See you in our next Jrrny, as we travel to another amazing place in the Visayas. Hmm, where do you think it could be? Well, see you again soon!

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It was wayback 2013 when Kalanggaman Island started to gain popularity after a cruise ship stopped by there to let its passengers relax under the palm trees for just a few hours.

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