Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India for Vacation

The southern most point of India. This is situated in Tamilnadu state ,it is India’s last land point and the tip of peninsular India is surrounded by Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea . The confluence of three Oceans are known as ‘Triveni Sangam’.
Cape Comorin is the popularly known name of Kanyakumari.
Sunrise and Sunset is the one of the top most attraction of this place. The beaches are mainly rocky.
In ‘Triveni Sangam ‘ you can clearly differentiate the color of three Oceans Shades of Green, Blue and Grey.
The most amazing place is Vivekananda Rock. This is eventually an island and last rock of India. It is 500 meters off to mainland , in 1892 Swami Vivekananda swam to this rock and spent few days in deep mediation. He attained enlightenment there and became the greatest Swami Vivekananda to the whole world. Now an extremely beautiful temple has been built on that rock .
Adjacent to this temple a black stone sculpture of great Tamil poet and saint Thiruvalluvar standing tall.
From mainland the communication to the Vivekananda Rock is connected with boats.
In Kanyakumari city there are so many places for visitors. Devi Kanyakumari temple just by the sea shore.
Another attraction of Kanyakumari is Vivekananda Kendra. Where you can find some terracotta panels depicting some significant events of Vivekananda’s life.You may see herd of deer running by your side , even you can hear peacock screaming just behind the bush where you are standing.
In Vivekananda Kendra you will attain a different level of tranquillity.
Serenity is there to welcome you.

Insider Tip

You can’t afford to visit Vivekananda rock as three surrounding Oceans are washing the feet of the Vivekananda Rock Temple and from there you can see the mainland of India just few meters away.

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