Kauai Path, Hawaii for Having A Romantic Walk

We are nicely spending our time in Hawaii. We are having a good time. The holiday turns out to be fun and exciting.
I spend a couple of day with my girlfriend. We already had lot’s of romantic moments with us and wanted to increase the events. So we wanted to explore more in Hawaii. We researched a lot and find out our next destination for our tour.

We chose Kauai Path for our destination it is really a very beautiful destination. Everywhere there is fresh air and sweet scent all around. The long walking route and bike track will give us lots of opportunities to spend a couple of hours by holding the hand of our beloved one, walking through the routes we have seen a lot of amazing things. It is a ocean so there is lot’s of coconut trees, shore view, and beautiful everything.

We try the easy bike and you know what? The bike track is awesome. The environments are totally awesome to enjoy and ideal for sightseeing. Really nice place to have a picnic. So pack your stuff and have a picnic under a nice coconut tree. I climbed a Coconut tree and pick some of the Coconut and drinks its nice juice. It tests really nice.

Overall a great experience for us. Hope when you travel you can enjoy too.

Insider Tip

Rent a easy bike and ride with your beloved one. It will a whole new romantic journey for you guys.

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Kauai Path, Hawaii


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