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Kingston, Jamaica for Rally Jamaica

I wanted to take a vacation that was not just relaxing on the beach, I wanted some excitement but to ALSO relax on the beach. Doing some research I found out about Rally Jamaica. It is hard work for the locals of Jamaica to be laid back all of the time. So around the fall they round up all of the gear heads and speed freaks around Kingston a full Grand Prix treatment for all of our entertainment. It was exciting as I flew in early enough on Monday and was booked at the same hotel with most of the racers. The days before the race I was able to catch any of the pre-race activities that were going on and also open to the public. Racers travel to Rally Jamaica from as far away as Europe with their cars to compete even if there is only one winner. But I guess if you are going to lose a race anywhere it might as well be in the amazing Jamaica.

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