Kinosaki Onsen for Checking Out The Most Beautiful Village in Japan

I already told you guys before Japan is a place of wonderland. It has so many natural places to observe to visit and to enjoy. There were numbers of beautiful villages from where you can fell the nature, can see the nature from a very close distance.

Have you seen a flower blooming or walk into the forest-land? If you are not, then you must have a visit to the beautiful villages. Have a camp there and see the simple and interesting life of the villagers. This has become a whole new experience for me.

When I was traveling with my girlfriend in Japan. She told me that why don’t we have a look at some beautiful villages in Japan. So for her we made up our plan to travel the nearest villages.

As we are in Sinonomesou Hotel for a client meeting. So we thought to have a quick tour in the Kinosaki Onsen. What is said to be the most beautiful villages in Japan?

Just like I mentioned earlier, Kinosaki Onsen is the best ever village you will ever encounter in Japan. The small river has increased its beauty even more. Also, There are also many crops fields to see. You will find the natural way of growing the crops and vegetables. The village also has so many vegetable gardens in front of the most of the houses. The wind is also very much cold and there was no smoke or polluted air what-so-ever.

A couple of days I spend there. Me and my girlfriend we lead a life in calmness in a polite environment where everything is dreamy and magical. Whenever we open the window, we will find huge grass field and trees all around. It was a great place for spending your vacation or for having an adventure in nature.

Insider Tip

You must have the traditional soup what is available there. It’s super testy and have great scent. Also if you are new in the villages condition then you must try fishing.

Where I stayed / started

Sinonomesou Hotel

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