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Knoxville, TN, United States for Crucial Considerations to Make When Selecting Your Meeting Event Hotel

When planning your next big meeting or corporate event, it can be all too easy to focus on the destination and forget to also focus on the hotel. Yet, with most meetings, the hotel plays a crucial role in the overall event.

For starters, the actual meeting or event is going to be held at the hotel, right? If so, then the hotel is more important than the destination and should be chosen on the merits of its amenities, which will be key.

Without a doubt, choosing a hotel that is both ideal for accommodations and for the event will save time, energy, and resources. As you shop for such a place, there are a few key amenities to keep in mind and look for along the way.

What to Look For in a Meeting Destination


what to look for in a meeting destinationNot exactly an amenity per se, but this should be among the first considerations made. Is the hotel in an ideal location? We say ideal because there are different factors regarding whether or not a hotel location is good. For example, if the event takes place over a few days, then a hotel within easy walking distance to restaurants, bars, and entertainment is needed. Even before looking at the rest of the necessary amenities, be sure the possible hotels are within the desired location.

Conference and Meeting Space Options

Once you’ve narrowed down the search by location, it’s time to narrow it down even further by searching for the appropriate conference room. Obviously, you need a hotel that has the right sized meeting or conference room, but what often gets overlooked, is if there are available rooms for breakout sessions, team building, etc. Do you intend on organizing a team yoga class? Are there going to be other specialized events over the course of the conference? These are great questions to ponder, as you won’t want to arrive and then realize you forgot that Bob’s pre-retirement achievement ceremony needs to happen in a more intimately-sized meeting room, of which there are none at the hotel.

Libation Offerings

It’s no secret that oftentimes meeting and conference goers are in it for the food and libations. Even if it’s merely getting together with fellow attendees after a session and chatting over appetizers and cocktails. A huge part of what makes a meeting event successful, or not, is whether or not the socializing among attendees was easy and enjoyable. If the meeting hotel has a delicious restaurant and a chic or trendy bar, then it’s likely everyone will get along just fine, and return to work with fond memories. If the hotel offerings are truly great, this will also help keep attendees together, spending more time bonding and learning from one another.

Technology Needs

Simply put, choose a hotel that, without a doubt, has all of the technological amenities you’ll need. Quick wifi, the appropriate cables, and hook-ups, a built-in speaker system and display technology.

Concierge or a Specific Point of Contact

When you’re a new place trying to organize an event, it’s beyond helpful to know which person is appointed to help out, if anyone, that is. Hotels that offer a concierge or some other specific point of contact are best equipped to help you pull off a seamless event. This person already knows the ins and the outs of the hotel, giving you fewer things to worry about.


The TENNESSEAN offers style and sophistication for your next meeting or event.
Last, but not least, is style. This usually comes into play when there are lots of options. If you’re having trouble choosing among potential candidates, it could be helpful to consider which offers the nicest ambiance or the most pleasing decor. A hotel with style, elegance, or flair is more likely to create an inspirational and exciting environment than one that is drab and cookie cutter. The icing on the cake is finding a hotel that also embodies the destination it is located in. If you’re going to spend the resources on executing a meeting in a new destination, then you might as well choose a hotel that is passionate about said destination.

Choosing a hotel for your next meeting or event will be a piece of cake if you utilize the suggestions above. If it turns out you’re considering executing your event in Knoxville, Tennessee, let us recommend The TENNESSEAN Hotel.

The TENNESSEAN Hotel is Knoxville’s newest downtown hotel and most luxurious and accommodating meeting hotel. Not only is it located in the heart of downtown, merely steps away from all the major restaurants, bars, and entertainment, but it also offers every amenity your meeting event will need.

Choose from the intimate meeting and dining space of The Drawing Room, or opt for the intimate, private meeting space of The Boardroom. The use of which also comes with an internationally trained Butler. The cuisine and drinks at The Drawing Room are second to none, the entire hotel is themed around all things Knoxville and Tennessee, and it’s even a pet-friendly hotel. So, for those team members who prefer to travel with their pets, it can certainly be arranged.

To learn more about having your next meeting at The TENNESSEAN Hotel, visit here or contact…today! We hope we’ll the chance to see you soon in Knox and show you all around our beautiful city!

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