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Knoxville, TN, United States for Finally! A Destination so Pet-Friendly, You’ll Be Inspired to Take a Trip With Your (Real) Best Friend

Have you ever dreamed of going on a trip just you and your dog? We bet if you’re a real pet lover, this will resonate. Imagine, a few days of uninterrupted, quality time with Fido. Dining out on the town, exploring, and testing out some of the finest dog parks in the nation. Knoxville, Tennessee has quickly become one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, and it’s worth bringing your “real” best friend on your next visit.

Imagine, jetting off for a weekend filled with wagging tails, ball chasing, and all-natural dog treats. Knoxville is the place to go. The city has a deep love for dogs, and as a result, its dog friendliness is on another level.

Knoxville isn’t just a city with a handful of dog parks or pet-friendly restaurants, the love and affection for dogs in the city is much deeper than that. In 2009 the city of Knoxville aimed to become The Most Pet-Friendly City in The Nation in conjunction with the organization PetSafe. Being friendly and welcoming to four-legged friends isn’t just a goal of the citizens, but also of the city government.

For those who fancy the idea of a pet getaway, we’ve compiled a list of the most fun and exciting pet-friendly places in Knoxville.

Tips for Traveling with a Pet to Knoxville

Dine Alongside Fido

Where you go, so goes your dog. No need to leave Fido in the hotel room when it’s time for supper. Knoxville is known for being quite the cuisine destination, and one might say that the food is even more delicious when enjoyed in the company of one’s pet companion. There are over 50 restaurants and eating establishments that welcome pets; you can view the full list here.

A few of our favorites include:

-Barley’s Taproom
-Coolato Gelato
-The French Market Creperie
-Tomato Head

Let Loose at The Dog Parks

The key phrase here is dog parks. Yes, there is an abundance of them! What’s more, one of the biggest parks is perfectly positioned in the middle of downtown! Petsafe downtown dog park is an acre in size, offers separate sections for big and little dogs, dog and human water fountains, ramps and exercise stations as well as benches for the humans to sit. Additional dog park recommendations include:

Victor Ashe Park
Tommy Schumpert Park
Sequoyah Park
Be warned – after experiencing one or more Knoxville dog parks, dogs are known to be disappointed in the state of their routine dog parks at home.

Plan Your Next Visit to Knoxville

Exercise Two and Four Legs Along the Greenway

Knoxville locals adore the outdoors, and thankfully Knoxville offers a plethora of unique and refreshing ways to explore the outdoors. One of the most popular places to stretch out your legs with your dog is the Greenway. Throughout the city of Knoxville, there are 86 miles of paved and natural pathways which are referred to collectively as The Greenway. The various paths wind through forests, flower fields, rivers, creeks, suburbs, downtown, etc. Wherever you choose to stay in Knoxville, there will undoubtedly be a stretch of greenway nearby for you and Fido to enjoy.

The Biggest Event of The Year – Mardi Growl

Mardi Growl is the most popular dog-related Knoxville event of the year. Mardi Growl is dog parade, wine tasting extravaganza, and an all-around incredible event for both people and pets. This year marks the 10th anniversary, and the event will take place on Saturday, March 4th. To register, visit here.

Meander Through World’s Fair Park

Centrally located and highly interactive for you and your dog, is the World’s Fair Park. Established for the 1982 World’s Fair, the park features everything from fountains, a one-story-high geyser, grassy knolls, paved walkways and more. Though it may be a few decades old, the park is one of the most popular attractions in Knoxville today.

Nosh on Delicious, All-Natural, Locally Sourced Dog Treats at the Market Square Farmers Market

Not far from the World’s Fair Park lies the Market Square Farmers Market. An open-air farmers’ market located in the heart of downtown, the MSFM happens twice a week and allows dogs! The main aisle is a dog-free zone since that’s where all the low lying produce, and children, are, but otherwise, you can walk your dog around anywhere else. The best bit is that all-natural pet treats are available for purchase at the market, and the friendly associates hand out free samples to dog passersby.

Luxuriate With Your Pup

So far in Knoxville, you can dine, play, and explore with your dog with ease and convenience. No weekend getaway is complete without luxury accommodations, and in Knoxville finding a dog-friendly hotel is a breeze. Opening in just a few short months, THE TENNESSEAN Hotel is happy to host the two of you for the duration of your Knoxville getaway. THE TENNESSEAN Hotel is pleased to show affection for the four-legged guests, and each dog can expect to receive a homemade dog biscuit upon arrival.

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