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Knoxville, TN, United States for Stuck in a Date Night Rut? Head to Knoxville and Try Out One of These 7 Ideas

Dinner and a movie, a cozy cup of coffee, and a romantic stroll through the park. What do these three outings have in common?  Each is a classic and reliable date night/outing. There’s nothing wrong with any of those date choices; it’s likely almost all of us have done all three at some point or another.

There’s never been a time in history when our world has offered us more to do, see, and experience. We can drive, ride a train, fly, cruise, and more to get anywhere in the world. We can scour the web to learn about any topic, activity, or destination.


The point is – with so many resources at our disposal, it’s time to expand and explore the date night options. Spending quality one-on-one time with a loved one, new or old, is thrilling. Imagine how much more exciting that same experience could be by changing up the date to something new and unusual?!

Super thrilling! Let’s go ahead and set the stage, or shall we say city, for our best unusual date ideas to Knoxville, Tennessee. Knox, as it’s referred to by locals, already ranks pretty high on the awesome scale, and offers plenty in the way of unique, fabulous, and totally wild date options.

Unusual Date Ideas You Can Only Have in Knoxville

1. Step Back In Time Through The Drawing Room

Connect with each other, and to a bygone era of grace and cordiality, with a visit to The TENNESSEAN Hotel’s own luxurious dining option, The Drawing Room. Gaze into one another’s eyes as you sip elegantly prepared cocktails, and enjoy an intimate, sophisticated, and comfortable environment with shared plates of artisan cheeses, Charcuterie, and assorted breads.

2. Learn to Letterpress Together

Learning new skills together is always an excellent way to bond! Have you ever letterpressed before? No? No problem! Striped Light is a great place to learn and features workshops every few months.

3. Swing Through Trees Together

Knox is an outdoor adventure haven, which may be surprising to visitors as Knoxville isn’t exactly coastal nor does it have warm weather year-round. Regardless, though, Knox locals love the great outdoors, and one of the most exciting ways to explore Knox’s nature is at Navitat. Navitat is a tree-based adventure park, which means you can interact with trees in a variety of ways. The most fun way is climbing high into them, and the then traversing the various ropes courses and adventure courses set up within Navitat.

4. Eat Your Faces Off

unusual date ideas - food toursAside from being super outdoorsy, Knox locals are also foodies. In general, Knox is becoming quite the foodie town! Of course, you can always take yourselves on a self-guided food tour, OR you can sign up to go on a guided food tour! Guided tours are more relaxing in the sense that all you have to do is show up and let the guide deal with the logistics. On a Knoxville Food Tour, you’ll spend a few hours tasting some of downtown Knoxville’s most delicious cuisine, sipping on craft beer or wine, and having a grand ole time.

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5. Go All Ghost Busters

Nothing says romance more than getting creeped out together on one of Knox’s infamous Ghost Tours. There are a variety of Ghost Tours to choose from, but the general gist is that you’ll get to use professional ghost-hunting equipment to bust all the ghosts. The company that runs the tours is called Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours, and truly they are exceptional tours. Hands down one of the most fun and unusual date ideas ever!

6. Take to New Heights Together at The Sunsphere

If you notice a rather tall, shiny looking, round structure with a gold ball at the top, you’ve caught a glimpse of Knox’s icon – the Sunsphere. Created for the 1982 World’s Fair held in Knox, the Sunsphere is the pride and joy of Knox. It’s a great date idea just to walk around World’s Fair Park, where the Sunsphere is located, but it’s also epic to visit the Sunsphere observation deck on the fourth floor of the sphere.

7. Get Nostalgic Together

unusual date ideas
Nostalgia || Facebook

Knoxville is home to its very own Vintique Market. Open since 2006, Nostalgia is more than just a vintage store, it’s an entire vintage market featuring clothing, furniture, vinyl records, home decor, and more! Every single item is retro-vintage, and you’ll have a blast spending a few hours trying things on, picking out pieces for your home, or just taking a walk down memory lane (or back in time).

Alright, there you have it – seven of our favorite unusual, awesome, and even weird Knoxville date ideas! Few cities have as much personality as Knox does, and getting to know our city through these date ideas is truly unforgettable. Make memories, fall in love, laugh, and leave Knoxville feeling high on life! Or, if you live in Knoxville, perhaps you’ll learn something new about your city! Or discover a new place in the city!

If you are visiting from out of town, we recommend staying in downtown Knoxville. Not only is downtown the most engaging and aesthetically pleasing part of Knoxville, but it’s also central to all the fun. The TENNESSEAN HOTEL is one of Knoxville’s newest and most luxurious hotels situated in the heart of downtown and within easy walking distance to many of the major attractions. Book your accommodations today and get started planning out those unusual dates.

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